Simulation Modelling

The Fifth Mode of Transportation – Tachyon Hyperloop

Combine controlled levitating of a capsule in a near vacuum tube with an electrical propulsion system and you might have a hyperloop in a nutshell. We at Tachyon are certain that revolutionizing the transport sector with high innovation in combination with sustainability is not just possible, but necessary for a bright and exciting future for every one of us. Be a part of a fascinating and groundbreaking mission and help us establish a new highly innovate green-tech sector in Germany and Europe

About this position

The hyperloop pod consists of many electronic-environment systems such as the actuators and motors. These systems need to be mathematically modeled and simulated for functionality analysis and robustness. The functionality analysis consists of electrical, thermal and kinematic/dynamic characteristics of any given system.

Requirements for position

  • Have a good understanding of ODE theory and programming with C/C++ or python
  • Knowledge of MATLAB/Simulink or Julia or GNU Octave
  • Ability to understand physics principles of components
  • Motivation and ability to work in a team
  • Dedication to the project
  • Living in Aachen

What will be your tasks

  • Understand and mathematically model the physical systems
  • Develop and analyze control algorithms using Simulation tools
  • Develop test cases for algorithms
  • Cooperation in cross-group tasks (e.g. testing, manufacturing)

What do we offer

  • Opportunity to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice and to implement your own ideas in a motivated and exciting environment
  • Surround yourself with a group of extraordinary students who all want more from their studies
  • Contact with potential employers and establishment of a network (in industry and research)
  • Pre-start-up experience
  • Advantages for career-start through project experience
  • THE BEST time of your study-life!

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