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Electrical Engineer

Join our team as an electrical engineer!

We are looking for an ambitious engineer who is familiar with the areas of battery simulation, battery design or BMS implementation. If you have these skills and are interested in joining us, send us your CV and a letter of motivation to:

Engineer for Levitation

Join our team as an levitation engineer!

We are looking for a member for the levitation department with practical/theoretical knowledge for levitation as well as hands-on experience with simulation software (Ansys/ Comsol/ MATLAB).
1. Theoretical Knowledge of the Electromagnetic & Levitation. Knowledge of physics of magnets and electromagnetism (Four Laws of Electromagnetism).
2. Hands-on experience with the levitation system is advantages (electrodynamic levitation).
3. Knowledge of the COMSOL & ANSYS Electronics Suite or Ansys Discovery with the simulation of Permanent Magnets.

If you have these skills and are interested in joining us, send us your CV and a letter of motivation to:

Sponsorship Associate

The Business and Marketing Team is looking for someone who can help us find partners and financial aid to make the dream of Tachyon-Hyperloop come true. We are looking for a person who can uniquely reach out to target companies, associations and organizations, build and sustain healthy conversations with interested parties, maintain good records of correspondence with sponsors and assist the onboarding process for sponsorship. A stronghold in German language is definitely a plus point!
And finally…we all agree that networking can never go waste, don’t we?
If you think you have got it in you then send us your letter of motivation and CV at

Finance Associate

In this opening, you have the opportunity to be a part of the Business and Marketing Team as the member responsible for finances of Team Tachyon-Hyperloop. The position demands structured way of working to keep records and handle financial controls. Accounting and reporting will be a part and parcel of this, undoubtedly. Someone with a prior experience in finance is most sought after. Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity to put into practical use the theoretical knowledge gained in lectures.
If you love the idea of being surrounded by money and can take accountability for it, this is the place for you! Send us your letter of motivation and CV at

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